How do I get the data extracted from API to my database

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I was able to use an api to get the data, for example:

{"aid": "1773022", "url": "hdsrgrg022", "papers": [{"paperId": "17", "title": "fdgfdg"}, {"paperId": "71f49f1e3ccb2e92d606db9b3db66c669a163bb6", "title": "Task-Driven Learning fdgfdgal Features"}, {"paperId": "bb35", "title": "Sfdgfdgchies"}]}

How would I use python to turn this into a table so I can use it to build my database?

Submitted on Feb 16, 22
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Step1 :

we have to connect to the source API using below logic as a example,

import json
url = ",GBP"
response = requests.get(url)
data = response.text
parsed = json.loads(data)
date = parsed["date"]
gbp_rate = parsed["rates"]["GBP"]
usd_rate = parsed["rates"]["USD"]

Step 2:

As soon as we have cleansed/transforming the data , we need to just load into target database and respective tables.

import csv
import MySQLdb

mydb = MySQLdb.connect(host='localhost',
cursor = mydb.cursor()

csv_data = 
for row in data:

    cursor.execute('INSERT INTO testcsv(names, \
          classes, mark )' \
          'VALUES("%s", "%s", "%s")', 
#close the connection to the database.
print "Done"

Submitted 2 years, 2 months ago

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