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A one stop platform connecting all developers, enthusiast programmers, technologists, students, freelancers all around the globe to share their expertise, learn and earn money.
Teckiy is a ticketing platform to support our open source community along with extra features like one-to-one training, freelancing, blog writing etc., which covers wide range of topics in computer programming and technologies. Techions who answers questions, provides training and write blogs earn Teckiy points, badges and thereby earn money.
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Online One to One Training / Project Guidance
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  • Got stuck ? Not sure how to resolve the issue ?
  • Seek help from the experts around the world just by posting your question on Teckiy.
  • The uniquess of our platform is it allows you to prioritize your question/ticket based on how fast you want the issue to be resolved.
  • One can prioritize questions as Low, Medium, High, Urgent.
    For eg: If you have question related to production which needs to be resolved immediately then prioritize your ticket as "Urgent".
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Earn Points & Money
Techions who answers High or Urgent priority questions or help other techions by clarifying their doubts through one to one sessions will earn Techion Points which will converted as money later.
  • Techions will get access to High & Urgent priority questions only after resolving 50 Low/Medium priority questions.
  • Techion who answers High priority questions will get Teckiy points and amount equivalent to points earned.
  • Techion who answers Urgent priority questions will get Teckiy points and amount equivalent to points earned.
* Teckiy points and amount will be shared between the Techions who gives the correct answer

Online One to One Training / Project Work Guidance
  • User can request fellow Techions for one to one training on a specific topic or framework or for project guidance.
  • Techions can submit the proposal to the user's training request.
  • User has liberty to choose the right Techion based on Techion's profile for his/her training request.
  • User and Techion can schedule the training sessions using our Training service platform.
  • Techions who provides the sessions for User will get Teckiy points and money.
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Bloggers / Freelancers
  • Techions can post blogs.
  • Techions will get points based on the time user spent on reading the post and on number of views.
  • Users or other Techions can share their earned points to the blogger if they like the post.
  • Freelancers can become Techions and starting earning money by answering questions or wiriting blogs or by providing one to one training sessions.
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