Can we have multiple images as background using css

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If possible please suggest me away....

It will help us a lot

Thanks in advance...

Submitted on Feb 23, 21
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By using CSS we can put multiple background images for an element in the HTML page. By using CSS background property we can add multiple background images for an element in any pattern and ny using other CSS property we can set the height and width of the images.

  • Background-image: url(), url(), …; This property is used to set one or more background images to the element, separated by commas.
  • Background-position: right bottom, left top; This property is used to set the position of different images in the page. It set the initial position for each background image.
  • Background-repeat: no-repeat, repeat; This property is used to set the repetition of the background images. The background image can be repeated along the horizontal and vertical axis.
  • Background-size: This property is used to set the size of the element background image.

Submitted 2 years, 9 months ago

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